18 Goal Golf

Two great games – soccer and golf – combined to make a really great game. That seems to be the most appropriate description for 18 Goal Golf. Perhaps, we should go a step ahead and call it just Goalf! This is a game of trickery, deception and guile. It looks really simple when you start. But as you progress through to the next levels, more and more challenges are thrown at you regularly. These involve anything and everything – from a ticking time bomb to a revolving podium of spikes. There are slopes and tilts, marshes and quicksand – just like any regular golf course. Your aim is here is – quite obviously – to put the football into the hole in as few attempts as possible. There are two modes of gameplay – one for the rookies and one for the masters. You better be ready to trade your cleats for canvas shoes and your headbands for suave hats – because we surely are!