3 on 1

Imagine a set play where three world class frontline attackers are zooming in on the goal. All the defenders have been frozen in the other half trying to make a corner count. Now, these three attackers have a lone defender and the goalie to beat. It’s a dream come true for attackers and a nightmare for defenders. In 3 on 1, you will encounter the exact same situation. You will play the attackers and try to make the remnants of defence left in the opposition’s half look embarrassingly ridiculous. You will have the option of passing the ball to dodge the defender or carrying out a clever 1 on 1 to single-out the goalie. It boils down to what your strategy is. Are you going to let your fans down by missing such a golden opportunity to score? Or, are you going to crush the opponents’ morale by netting a goal worthy of the highlights package?