Dropple Soccer

With strong enough imagination, even things can come to life. JRR Tolkien –author who penned The Lord of the Rings books – said that. Dropple Soccer requires you to have such boundless imagination. Dropple – a young professional who’s just starting out his career in an IT company – is frustrated with his dead-end job in the far away city of Droptopolis. As it turns out, Dropple is also a football. Imagine that! Our young hero suddenly realises that he can make more money doing odd jobs and eventually retire early! Pleased with his own thoughts, he hastily quits his job and embarks on a journey of a lifetime. Your aim here is to help Dropple collect as many gold coins as you can so that he will be able to retire early and travel the world. Sounds interesting, right? Perhaps, there is some form of Dropple inside all of us and that makes this little game all the more endearing.