Finger Footy

Sponsored by Pepsi UK, Finger Footy is a very funny and casual take on the classic finger footy that’s played more commonly in England. You must be sure to switch your extreme concentration mode on before you even think of clicking the Play button otherwise you stand a risk of a few dwarfish Norsemen humiliating you to no end! And none of us wants that to happen. With your power finger, you can roll the ball straight into the net. You can also topple those silly Vikings one after another. Choose whatever you like the best as you will have full 3 minutes. To refresh you from time to time, there will be a Pepsi trolley that you can knock down for a few sizzling stars. This is a truly classic game with minimum fuss and no frills. All you need to dominate the dwarves is a quick mouse and a can of Pepsi to go with it!