Gulli Up Soccer

For all the peace loving laidback Rastafari soccer fans out there, Gulli Up Soccer is a great way to check how swift your mind really works. The job at hand couldn’t be simpler. But things aren’t always what they seem to be. You not only have to keep the ball in the air all the time, you have to also please the crowd of passers-by and onlookers! There are far too many ‘keep it up in the air’ soccer games out there. But Gulli Up Soccer is very different from all those. You aren’t required to build up any kind of leaderboard position. You are only supposed to keep the ball flying high and show off your cool side. You can choose to kick the ball up gently or steady it with the chest, what matters is that the ball remains up in the air. Not to forget, the afro hairdo of the player adds a whole new touch of style to the game. The controls for games like these are generally pretty simple and they involve two or three keys. But this is Gulli Up Soccer and two keys are two too many here. That’s why, you only have to use your mouse. You don’t even have to click it unless you want to head or chest the ball. Just hover it in the space given and the dude will keep performing his skills. Gulli Up Soccer has every potential to be your favourite stress buster and your concentration companion!