Heroic soccer

Q: What does a fully functional console based soccer game have? A: Graphics, tutorials, custom team selections, interactive features, editable player profiles and tournaments. Q: What does Heroic Soccer have? A: Every one of these features except heavy graphics. To cut a long story short, Heroic Soccer is your chance to experience a complete soccer video game package even when you don’t have a console or any of the gaming accessories. A working internet connection is enough to get you hooked. Here, you are supposed to make a journey from a young football prodigy to an international sporting sensation – all under the watchful gaze of a grumpy old manager! If you think that’s easy, try playing a game or two. Keeping possession has never been more challenging and scoring goals is an almost impossible preposition if you don’t have skills to operate these players. For all the soccer fans who love such challenges, Heroic Soccer is a perfect platform to test their off-field talent.