Micro soccer

Micro Soccer will remind you of those Arcade Games of the 90s. Here, a wonderfully pixelated screen welcomes you, telling you that you are in a wonderland of minions and their whims. Played with two four-a-side teams, the game is quite entertaining. The players can jump and hop as much as they can in their little 2D world. The football seems to have a mind of its own and you should be watchful because it won’t always obey your orders. The ground is dusty, sometimes wet with overnight rains. Your minions will have to work hard to stop the opposition from putting one over them. Once you score a goal, though, the sky opens up, showering your team with ribbons, confetti and little hearts that just make it all look worthwhile. If playing online soccer games is your idea of getting away from mundane, Micro Soccer is guaranteed to welcome you with open arms.