Penalty Shootout 2012

The only thing that converts a peripheral soccer fan into an ardent soccer follower is an experience of a high-adrenaline penalty shootout. Every shot matters here - more the ones you miss than the ones you score with. In Penalty Shootout 2012, there is a random draw of international teams from which you need to pick yours. The gameplay is simpler and more accurate than the other similar shootout games. Every penalty kick is divided into three dimensions – position on the goal line, height of the shot and power behind the shot. Using a clever manipulation of these three factors, you can beat the keeper. But mind you, the keepers are not going to let you have it easy. They can dive the length and the breadth of the post to make sure your players have to earn their goals. Win the first match and you are in for even tougher challenges. But every soccer fan loves a challenge, right?