Pinball Football

He’s a pinball wizard – there has to be a twist. Ever since The Who penned these words, pinball has achieved a cult status. The mechanical droning of pins that make or break the fortunes of a rolling ball has made people notice the sheer technical prowess behind it. In Pinball Football, the game of pinball meets the ubiquitous game of football. The pins will flutter and the sparks will fly, the springs will rattle and the pushers will try – all to make the ball disappear into the net. But hey – not on your watch! Make sure that your goal remains untouched throughout the game and there’s every chance of you progressing to bigger and brighter tables. The only thing you need to watch out for here is complacency. Pinball football is no playground – it’s a battlefield and you are better off treating it just the same or else you have to risk losing.