Puzzle soccer

Many people wrongly accuse soccer of being a sport that doesn’t rely as much on intellect as physique. But they can’t be more wrong. Soccer strategies require a great deal of thinking and execution. In Puzzle Soccer, you will have a chance to test your decision making abilities. This game is more or less similar to many popular smartphone games such as Bubble Blast. Here, a player will kick balls of various colours and you have to make sure that the balls up above match these colours. The pressure will keep mounting with every missed chance or wrongly matches colour – just like it does in a real soccer match when you commit a grave mistake. You will have handy grenades and smoke bombs from time to time so that you can relax just a little bit. But there’s no place for complacency here and you have to be on your toes all the time to get through one level to the next! Puzzle Soccer is a great time-killer and a mind-refresher of a game.

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