Rooney on a rampage

The infamous headbutting episode between Zinedine Zidane and Marco Materazzi has been recorded and recounted many times in the world media. Our English golden boy – Wayne Rooney – seems to suddenly have drawn some ungainly inspiration from this episode and has decided to go on an absolute rampage. Your job is to make the hulk within Rooney vent all his anger by headbutting everyone – including referees – who comes in his path. There is no time to rethink here, rampage has to take its due course. You will be required to use only two keys on your keyboard and that allows you all the freedom to enjoy this beast of a striker mash everyone who dares come in his way to bits. Let him have his way, for there’s no other way. But be careful – a wrongly timed or executed headbutt will spell nothing but a painful and swollen forehead for our striker!