Soccer balls game

Do any of you still remember the punching bag kind of mini games? Well, if you do, there is a lot of fun in store for you. Soccer Balls Game is a game that let you take a revenge against a biased referee. Every soccer player and fan has a ‘bad refereeing, man!’ story to tell. Well, don’t just stop at being angry. Here’s your chance to claim some sweet vengeance – albeit virtually. You will have a teammate to assist you in getting the ball through a labyrinth of nets, moving walls and wooden crates to finally hit the referee hard and make him red-hot angry. You can work on your own or take an accomplice – it’s all up to you. So, if you think you have got in you to let the referee know you mean business, take a trip down this road. A note of caution though – real life referees may not want to try this game.