Soccer Heads 2013-14 La Liga

Bienvenido a España! Welcome to the land of matadors, all ye football fans of the world! Football Heads is a great time killer and the latest La Liga edition is sure to wow you out with great new features and graphics. First of all, if you enjoy following La Liga, you are definitely going to adore this little flash (game) of a genius that allows you to don your favourite jersey and take your rivals head on – no holds barred! It does look simple on the face. It may even look too simplistic to some. But alas, that’s the deception you need to be warned about. The higher up you rise in the points table, more difficult it will be for you to win games. And it goes without saying, the hallmark of all Football Heads games – hooligan fans – is very much there to heat things up even when it snows!