Soccer Heads 2014-15 Bundesliga

Bundesliga used to be an anonymous league in countries other than Germany, not too long ago. But today, top most players and managers from Europe wield their craft in Germany, and quite understandably, this has propelled Bundesliga to an unprecedented popularity. What this means is that there’s a whole new crop of fans everywhere. If you are among them, you will love this latest offering of Football Heads Bundesliga Edition. It will help you get familiar with teams and players, all the while testing your innate footballing intellect. Beer and Germany go hand in hand. So, don’t be too surprised when opposition fans throw a bottle or two of Bavarian beer in your direction. But you can do better than that. Manipulate the ball with your head, jump with great timing and stupefy your opponent with sudden aggression – all you can think of in the name of a strategy is welcome.