Soccer Lob Shot

Some of the finest moments in soccer history on the club and international level are scripted by some pretty audacious shots by legends. Among these shots that define matches and tournaments, the most beautiful one has to be the lob shot, or as many call it the chip shot. Even after 15 years of his glorious career, we still cherish that half-line lob David Beckham sent roaring past the Wimbledon goalie. Talk about Andrea Pirlo and many people instantly visualize his typical lob kick that has fooled countless goalkeepers. In Soccer Lob Shot, your job is to master this trick and join the ranks of legends. The task won’t be easy as you will have defenders, goalkeeper and external props like helicopters to beat. But the joy that you feel after watching the ball gently roll to the back of the net as helpless defenders watch on is totally worth the effort!