Soccer style

The culture of ‘beautiful soccer’ was laid out by some of the modern legends of the game, including the global superstar and fan favourite Ronaldinho from Brazil and a real French champion Thierry Henry. If you are a fan of playing football in style and playing beautifully matters to you more than winning or losing, Soccer Style is the soccer game for you. Football is – at the end of the day – a competitive sport and hence, wins and losses matter. But what fans cherish more is that one dribble that Ronaldo performed or that one bicycle kick that Van Persie shot. Soccer Style lets you perform such tricks and feats in style while you try to keep the ball airborne to move up the leaderboard. Even the best of high-end soccer games don’t allow your players to warm up, do they? Soccer Style is different. You can let your player stretch a little, jog here and there, practice a backflip or two and perfect that nimble somersault. Once you are ‘warmed up’ with the controls, time to move on to the main job. You will be required to keep the ball in the air for as long as you can. It’s not a mean feat to do this – the crowd will be applauding and cheering each of your moves. Make sure those backflips, pirouettes and somersaults are put on display as you keep raking the points. Don’t take it too lightly though – there’s every bit of chance you would get your player injured! Soccer Style is definitely a perfect fit for soccer lovers – especially the futsal fans.