Villa Crossbar challenge

Aston Villa is often considered to be the most hardworking team in the Premier League – not without reason. If you are a Villa fan, here’s your chance to allow a breather to your hardworking heroes. On a bright sunny day in Birmingham, you are to let your players hang their boots for a brief while and have some crossbar fun. Hitting the back of the net is not a priority – not at all. You are supposed to bend the crossbar with a perfectly timed shot and make it squeak. On the lush outfield of Villa Park, hitting the crossbar – for once – won’t draw oohs and ahs from the crowd! There are bonuses for the taking, as well. You can let the ball touch the idle gull sitting on the crossbar or the Sherlock Holmes effigies walking around the field – just shut the world outside your screen out and enjoy this Villa Crossbar Challenge!