Vuvuzelas – native African tribal musical instruments that resemble horns – gained a notorious status worldwide during the soccer world cup of 2010 in South Africa. The widely berated instruments – at one point – had to be actually banned from the stadia because of requests from many officials and players. Far too many people have found them annoying and we can only guess how distracting it must be for a players to concentrate on the game with a bunch of overenthusiastic fans crowing their loud music. In this soccer game, your role is more from the fringes of the game. An all-important penalty progression is on and your team needs all the support it can muster. What can you – being a fan armed only with a vuvuzela – then do? Croak it out loud – that’s correct! Let your vuvuzela dumbfound the opposition goalie like a deer in the headlights to help your team go through to the next round in style!