World cup 2010

The World Cup 2010 was a monumental one in the soccer history. From the chants of Shakira’s super hit ‘This time for Africa’ to the much too annoying vuvuzelas, the tournament held the attention of the world for two months. Based on the classic setup of that World Cup, this amazingly fun game of 2D soccer can be a sure fire solution to everything – from Monday blues at work to short study breaks. This game has something for everyone. Be it the exhaustive collection of all the international teams that actually participated in the World Cup or the amazingly detailed stats for players and teams – every attempt has been made to make the game real, all the while keeping it simple and fun. Soccer video games don’t have to be all about high end graphics and sophisticated controls. It’s okay to want to let your socks down once in a while. And for you, if it means playing a simple 2D game of soccer for a few rounds, then so be it! To actually play this game, you won’t have to be in charge of more than two keys at any moment. You can choose your ‘team’ of four players and get on with the game in less than five minutes. The tournament progresses as you win or lose and the aim here is to lift that glittering World Cup. But be warned, you are going to have to summon all of your will power to stop yourself from extending that short study break, because this game is really addictive!