20 Incredible soccer records that will probably never be broken


Soccer has been played as we know it for dozens of years, and a practice similar to soccer has been developed for hundreds of years and has been evolving with the irruption of the first rules of this sport.

Over the years, the records on it have grown and different brands have emerged that today seem really impossible to beat. We present you the 20 soccer records that are unbeatable.

1. Most goals scored in a calendar year

What Lionel Messi achieved in 2012 seems impossible to achieve. The Barcelona legend scored 91 goals in that calendar year which caused him to break any other record in existence.

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Photo by JOSEP LAGO/AFP/Getty Images.

The Argentine makes the large number of goals he converts seem normal, simple, when in reality he has crazy statistics, and this is one of them. The big stars have been surpassed by La Pulga, which transforms him into a super star.

2. Youngest player to debut professionally

Bolivian soccer player Mauricio Baldivieso had his dream professional debut at the age of 12, with his country’s Aurora club. This circumstance made him the youngest player to play a professional match in a competition.

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Photo by STR/AFP/Getty Images.

The path for the young Baldivieso has only just begun and he will surely hope to break many other records that will help him become a renowned footballer. The truth is that he has not started badly.

3. Most World Cup appearances for a nation

Brazil is not only the team that owns the most World Cups, but it is also the nation that has the record for participating in the most consecutive matches in World Cups.

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Foto de Mike Hewitt/Getty Images.

The Canarinha enjoys 21 consecutive tournaments qualifying for the World Cups. Many nations have suffered to qualify for these important events and have even been left out of the World Cup, but Brazil has not had that bitter pill.

4. The most red cards to a single player in his career

The circumstance that a player retires expelled from a playing field should not be normal, but for the Colombian Gerardo Bedoya it was quite common, since he is the footballer with the record for the largest number of expulsions in the history of football, with 46.

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Photo of WILLIAM LEGARIA/AFP/Getty Images.

It can be understood that when playing aggressive football like the Colombian and the Argentine – he played in Racing Club -, he had to play the ball more harshly than in other nations, but even so the 46 expulsions are incredible.

5. The largest audience for a football match

One of the great football matches that were marked in history was the one between Brazil and Uruguay in 1950 in the mythical Maracaná stadium .

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Photo of ullstein bild/ullstein bild via Getty Images.

The stories of that moment always emphasized the fervent Brazilian public that pushed the locals to surpass their Uruguayan peers even though they would not succeed. It is estimated that in that stadium there were 199,854 people who witnessed an epic moment in history.

6. Most clean sheets by a goalkeeper in the English League

The goalkeeper born in the Czech Republic, Petr Cech maintains his credentials in the English league having achieved 201 games in his entire career in which he set foot in an English League stadium and in which he did not concede goals.

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Photo by DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images.

Cech is currently Arsenal’s goalkeeper and has done so since the 2015/16 season but he also owes his mark to Chelsea, a cast in which he rose to fame and played from 2004/05 to 2014/15.

7. The longest distance goal in football history

Another of the marks that a goalkeeper holds is that of the goal that was scored the greatest distance, and it was when Asmir Begovic of Stoke City kicked a kick from his own goal towards the Southampton goal.

best soccer records in history 7

Foto de Mike Egerton/ EMPICS/ Getty Images.

The truth is that Begovic could not have done it alone, and with the help of the wind, and the complicity of his opposite pair, Artur Boruc converted the longest goal of all. The ball traveled 91.9 meters.

8. Most consecutive Champions League titles

The powerful Spanish cast of Real Madrid holds the mark for the most consecutive Champions League titles after starting with the 1956 victory and ending in 1960.

7 Records Soccer 8

Photo by Real Madrid/ Contributor/ Getty Images.

La Orejona is the great laurel of the Old Continent and although more than 50 years have passed since that feat, no one has been able to displace Merengue as the top winner of the competition. The history between Madrid and the Champions League is marked by fire.

9. The greatest historical scorer in La Liga in Spain

Due to this kind of marks that he has broken, Lionel Messi has arguments to minimally be discussed as one of the best footballers of all time. The Barcelona striker has scored 383 goals in La Ligaand the number continues to riseand is the greatest scorer in history.

best soccer records in history 9

Foto de Jose Breton/NurPhoto via Getty Images.

Not even Cristiano Ronaldo himself has been able to overshadow the Argentine during his time at Real Madrid. It is true that Rosario has developed a career at Culé and Ronaldo changed competition.

10. The player with the most appearances in the English League

The one who currently holds the record for the most games played in the English League is Gareth Barry, with 653 appearances .

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Foto de Stu Forster/Getty Images.

It is not easy for a footballer to stay in the Premier League for years, and the midfielder has made sure of it. And not only that, but he has played that immense number of games. Perhaps the downside in Barry’s career is that despite playing a lot, he hasn’t made a respectable name for himself in that league.

11. Longest-serving Premier League manager

The astonishing sum of 828 games were those that the memorable Arsene Wenger was as technical director of the Arsenal of England . In total, the Frenchman was the commander of the Gunners for 7,600 days.

7 Records Soccer 11

Foto de Chris Brunskill Ltd/Getty Images.

Wenger’s career has even overshadowed another great coach such as Sir Alex Ferguson, remembered for his time at Manchester United. The lack of titles in recent seasons, added to his marked adulthood, caused him to leave.

12. The player with the record for receiving the fastest red card in history

In the world of football, strikers are known to be rougher when it comes to winning the ball back, and so it is perhaps not surprising that the fastest red card ever received by a footballer went to an attacker, Lee Todd.

7 Records Soccer 12

Photo of Allsport UK / Allsport.

Two seconds into the game, Todd saw red and it immediately became a Guinness Book record. It sounds like something out of a movie, but it really happened. Just two seconds.

13. The longest undefeated fence

To form a winning team, two maxims must be taken into account: having a great striker and, in turn, an excellent goalkeeper. Vasco da Gama was able to achieve it with Mazarópi .

best soccer records in history 13

Twitter playback.

The goalkeeper went through three periods in the Brazilian team, from 1970 to 1978, from 1980 to 1982 and in 1984 to collect 1,816 minutes without conceding goals over 20 games. Surely a great defense will have helped him keep the arc clean.

14. Most hat- tricks for a player

The legend of Brazil, Pelé managed to score three goals as if it were something common and everyday in football. Throughout his career, who played for Santos and the United States Cosmos, he scored 92 hat- tricks.

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Foto de Pictorial Parade/Archive Photos/Getty Images.

The Brazilian star will forever remain among the most decisive soccer players of all time, especially when he shines in a sport where goals are the most important thing. And he did.

15. Most appearances for a Manchester United footballer

Manchester United are one of the most powerful institutions in England and their competitiveness in the First Team is amazing, so the level that Ryan Giggs has had to maintain to appear 963 times in the Red Devils jersey has been incredible.

best soccer records in history 15

Foto de Simon Stacpoole/Mark Leech Sports Photography/Getty Images.

It was more than 20 years of career for the Welshman who is a symbol of Manchester and for which he is also remembered in his last period for coaching the team and also being a player simultaneously.

16. The fastest goal in World Cup history

Legendary Hakan Sukur was a true net breaker in Turkey whose skill made him stand out at continental and intercontinental level, especially after his goal in the 2002 World Cup third place match against South Korea.

best soccer records in history 16

Photo of Ben Radford/Getty Images.

The attacker only needed 10.8 seconds to score in that match. Luckily for him, the Turks would win the bronze medal, although the star of that match would be Mansiz who scored a brace .

17. Most red cards shown in a single match

That the red card appears in a soccer match should be the exception, but in the complicated and tough Argentine soccer it seems to be a constant.

best soccer records in history 17

Photo by Xavier Bonilla/NurPhoto via Getty Images.

In 2011, Argentine referee Damián Rubino sent off 36 players in the same match. It was during the match between Claypole and Victoriano Arenas, in a minor league in Argentina and in which, after a riot with blows and aggressions, the expulsions began that left starters, substitutes, coaches and even assistants without a game.

18. The longest headed goal in history

We had anticipated that these marks are really difficult to beat or even match, but it is not explained as Jone Samuelsen, from Norway and in 2011 he scored a goal with his head 58.13 meters from the goal.

7 Records Soccer 18

Photo of Hansen, Alf Ove/AFP/Getty Images.

The precision and delicacy that Samuelsen achieved came after a ball that was headed off by an opponent, landed just for his upper extremity and connected behind the middle of the field of play.

19. The highest scorer in the Champions League

If Real Madrid is related to the Champions League, it could not be otherwise that a player who was an emblem of the White House is the top scorer in the competition.

7 Records Soccer 19

Foto de Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/Getty Images.

It is Cristiano Ronaldo who accumulates 120 goals in the most important club tournament in Europe and for many in the world. Since he started playing it seriously with Manchester United, then with Madrid and now for Juventus, CR7 has always done well in these games.

20. The fastest hat- trick in football history

Former England striker Tommy Ross holds the fastest hat- trick ever scored on a field of play. It took him just 90 seconds to dispatch with three goals in the Ross County-Narin County matchup in 1964.

best soccer records in history 20

Photo of thetimes.co.uk.

Although we have reviewed Pelé as the highest scorer of hat- tricks, not all players manage to achieve even one throughout their career. It is a characteristic that only the chosen ones get.

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