5 Daily Drills to Improve Your Dribbling Skills


In soccer, possession is really important, and don’t let anyone else tell you any different. Of course, goals matter – but goals are, more often than not, a direct result of how well your team can hold the possession.

Teams like Barcelona FC or Bayern Munich have come out to be champions over the years because of their immaculate sense of possession. And, when we talk about possession, nothing sounds fancier than dribbling.

Dribbling is a skill that many try to get good at, but to no avail. It’s not that it’s a difficult skill to learn, it’s just that it is put to a gruelling test when your team is under pressure. Here are a few simple daily drills to get your dribbling game from okay to look at that!!


1.     Tap the ball

tap the ball

Being able to tap the ball successfully will do half the job for you. If you can tap the ball with ease, fluency and skills as if the ball belongs at your feet, it will be very difficult for the opposition players to steal the possession from you.


2.     Sideways Control

sidways control

The key to masterful dribbling is to use every surface of your foot as the situation demand. You are not always going to have the luxury of having open spaces and responsible teammates to pass to. You will be cornered in game situations and that’s when you will have to use sides of your feet to get out of the trouble – unscathed and on top!

Do this drill for about 5 minutes – but make sure you don’t twist your ankles!


3.     Forward and Backward Roll

forward and backward roll

Rolling the ball means keeping it stuck your foot but giving the impression that you are pushing it ahead to make a sprint. This takes whoever is tackling you by surprise, and then you can swiftly change directions to make the most of confused opponents. During your drills, you can easily perform steady rolls for 10 to 15 minutes on the trot and that should be enough.


4.     Sideways Roll

sideways roll

Much like the forward and backward roll, sideways roll will help you get the better of approaching defenders. It’s particularly useful when you are pinched along the side-lines. 10 to 15 minutes of sideways roll during every session can make you good enough to play along the lines in no time!


5.     Faux Pas

faux pas

Faux pas is the heart of dribbling. Fooling your opponents takes the sting out of their defence and puts them on the back foot in a moment. Faux pas is more of your own strategy. You can change it around the way you like. Once you find your rhythm, you can combine it with other drills to put them to a test with your teammates.

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