5 Everyday Drills to Improve Your Passing Skills


Passing is one of the most underrated parts of playing football. Sure, everyone loves to watch goals being scored and goals being denied. But the very building block of the game is passing. Passing is what makes football a team sport.

In recent years, teams like Bayern Munich and Barcelona have reiterated the importance of passing well, rather than being flashy and sporadically brilliant. The better you pass the ball, the higher possession your team will have. Passing isn’t just an on-field process. Players need to have a great understanding of each other’s gameplay to be able to anticipate passes well.

Here are five easy passing drills that you can perform everyday with your teammates, to take your passing quality all the way up to the top!


1.     To-and-Fro

1. to and fro


To-and-Fro is the oldest passing drill there is. Performing it for ten to fifteen minutes on the trot will not only improve your passing skills, but your ball control and speed, as well.

Get two of your mates to pass the ball from a fair distance while you attend the passes in the middle – without missing or mishitting them!


2.     Pass and Switch

2. pass and switch

This is the next level of to-and-fro passing. You need to team up with one of your mates to replace him after you pass the ball to the other player, in rapid and non-stop successions. This will build a camaraderie between you and your teammates, all the while improving your passing accuracy.


3.     Alternate Passing

3. alternate passing

In this drill, all the three players will be involved. It is much like ‘pass and switch’, except for the fact that you will be moving at a higher pace and touch-passing as well as forced passing.


4.     Thread the Needle

4. thread the needle

In this entertaining drill, you have to keep passing the ball in an alternating fashion to the player in the middle who keeps on switching the side, much like threading the needle.


5.     Anti-Clock Form Passing

5. anti clock form passing

In anti-clock form passing, you need to team with other players (two are just fine, but if you have more than two mates to practise with, so much the better), where you alternate between touch-passes, forced-passes, aerial passes and ground passes. This drill, when performed regularly, can be just as entertaining as the game itself!

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