Cool Mobile Soccer Games To Play

It’s already that time. It’s “let’s play soccer games” time.

Maybe Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is already looking all jolly and merry to welcome the New Year. Well, we can’t tell you what the New Year will have in store for you (it’d be great, we hope!), but we can surely let you in on our favourite soccer games that go pretty amazingly with the whole holiday spirit and ambiance.

Cool soccer games you can play on your mobile

Our top 4 choices…

#4 Soccer Flip Android App Game


It’s a weird game to say the least.

Defying gravity, or rather dismissing it in style, this 2 on 2 game allows you to imagine what it would be like to play football in space. There are really no rules here, you can use your hands, head and legs – the only idea is to score a goal by pushing the ball through the gate. It might sound meh, but give it a try, we are sure you’ll love it.

And, of course, just to fit into the whole holiday atmosphere, developers have brought in new avatars and themes!

Download: Android

#3 FIFA 16 Free Mobile Game


It would be a blasphemy to not mention FIFA in this list, because millions of fans have fond memories of those neat and nifty holiday patches EA Sports release around Christmas.

FIFA16 is no exception. The latest upgrade will allow you to use Santa themed team-kits and have five shots at climbing the ‘Christmas Leaderboard’, the leader of which will be rewarded handsomely by EA Sports!

Download: iPhone and iPad | Android


#2 Snow Soccer


Leave aside all other cool soccer games, the perfect game for the perfect holiday season is finally here!

What defines Christmas better than, erm, snow?


Exactly why, this is our favourite choice. Just to make it all look too adorable, they have got penguins for goalies.

All you have to do is direct the snowballs into the net while trying to avoid those cute little penguins blocking your way.

Now, that’s some deal!

Download: iPhone and iPad | Android

#1 Play Football Xmas App


It’s winter, the football field is blanketed with snow and your players are in for some tough matches ahead. Take charge of your team as they get ready to face some tough opponents just ahead of Christmas.

Also available as ‘Play Soccer Xmas’ in some countries, this game is developed in order to allow used to have a fun experience that is far from other complicated soccer apps.

Download: iPhone and iPad | Android

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