eSports Betting

The bets in eSports are similar to the rest of sports bets so their operation is exactly the same. Once the event or match we want to bet on is located, we will only have to look for the selection that interests us and if the quota we like to bet on.

In most bookmakers we will be able to bet on live eSports as if it were any other sport.

Is it legal to bet on eSports?

Yes. It is legal to bet on eSports and it is legal to bet on all markets offered by a bookmaker licensed to operate in Spain . All the content offered in a legal bookmaker will be totally legal with regard to the possibility of betting on it. If a bookmaker offered the option to bet on illegal markets, it would automatically be sanctioned and forced to remove such content.

Is it safe to place bets on eSports?

Yes, it is safe to place bets on eSports. The houses that allow betting on eSports, as long as it is a betting house licensed to operate in Spain, will have met all the security requirements that are demanded by the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling . In case of not being a safe market, they could not be offered in a legal bookmaker.

What eSports can you bet on?

In all in which a game or competition is being held that has enough interest among the public for a bookmaker to decide to add it to its offer. Although the most popular and that we find in any bookmaker are League of Legends, CS: GO; Call of Duty, DOTA 2, FIFA or Overwatch, any eSport could receive bets.

What are the most important tournaments in eSports?

  • – Fortnite World Cup
  • – League of Legends World Championship
  • – The International DOTA 2 Championship
  • – Call of Duty World League (CWL)
  • – The Majors Counter Strike
  • – IEM Katowice CS: GO
  • – The Overwatch League
  • – HALO World Championship
  • – PUBG Championship World
  • – Fortnite. Secret Skirmish
  • – DOTA 2 Asia Championships

Where to place bets on eSports?

Given the popularity gained in recent years, eSports have become part of the menu in practically all bookmakers . Some of them treat this type of game with greater dedication, offering a broader market and even specific offers. The recommended ones are Betway, Betsson.


Are there bonuses for eSports bets?

Sports betting bonuses can be used in eSports, since unless otherwise specified, electronic sports do not differ in anything from conventional sports at least in terms of sports betting. Some sportsbooks occasionally offer specific bonuses and promotions for eSports.


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