4×4 Soccer


With full 3D graphics, this is exactly how the 4×4 soccer game should be played…with off-road cars! In this epic 4×4 soccer game you drive jeeps to beat the other contestants combining the thrill of car racing games with football pc games. Choose your country then ram your opponents off the ball before sticking it in the back of the net! Use the barriers to bounce the ball to your advantage.

4×4 Soccer Unblocked

One of the most entertaining 3d soccer games online, 4×4 Soccer, is unblocked and free to play unlimited times on megasoccer.com

You have unrestricted access to it either from any desktop pc, using any browser. Remember to allow Flash to run on it, in case it is blocked by default.

How to Play 4×4 Soccer

Your goal in 4×4 Soccer is to score as many goals as possible, however if you haven’t played it before you will be surprised to see that the actual players are cars!

Yeap, you read that correctly, off road cars like SUVs, trucks and other 4×4’s are driving around the field trying to push the ball into the net of the opponent team.

To start the game, click on “Continue” on the first screen and “New Game” at the second one. You are not ready to select the national team you will represent.

The available countries are: Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, England, France, Germany Greece, Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and the United States of America.

The colour of your car will change and reflect the colours of the country you are choosing.

Click on “Next” and you’re now in the International Cup Chart, where all the games are displayed, similar to a knock-out phase. You can see which team you will play next, as long as you win your game. Quite cool, isn’t it?

Click on “Next and then on “Start Match”, the game is about to begin!

Use the arrows to drive around, there’s no break but your SUV will stop as soon as you leave the up arrow. Down arrow is for going backwards, left and right is to turn.

The fun part here is that you can use the Ctrl button (Cmd in macs) as a hand-break!

4×4 Soccer Tips

Occasionally it’s better to wait in front of the goalpost for the ball, while it bounces from the corner. Happens more often than not and you can score an easy goal just by pushing it a little bit.

Don’t forget to use the bird-view on the bottom left corner, the position of the ball and the rest of the players is very important.

4×4 Soccer at School

Undoubtedly, 4×4 Soccer unblocked is one of the best soccer games for kids and students.

Kill some time during your school break or at lunch, playing this amazing game, combining your soccer and driving skills. You cannot do the same in real life (play soccer with your dad’s car, find a huge ball etc), so why not give it a go?

Improve your coordination, multitasking and problem-solving skills by playing this game. Don’t forget that studies have shown that gamers are considerably smarter than non-gamers.

Invite your classmates for a championship, add rewards and let’s see who’s going to be the ultimate champion!

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