Bend it like Beckham


David Beckham – the definition of a sporting royalty, if there’s such a thing – has ruled the world of soccer as well as glamour for over 15 years. After his highly successful stints at Manchester United, Real Madrid and LA Galaxy among other clubs, the star has chosen to retire in peace – but his legacy of awe-inspiring curved shots will forever be cherished by fans around the globe. If you really want to know what goes on behind a scorching drive the bends like it was magnified, try Bend it like Beckham – an official David Beckham offering. You have to answers walls, crossbars, defenders and goalies with gravity defying brute kicks that will go down in the annals of football history – just like the man who began it all! Penalties or free kicks, corners or mid-pitch bazookas, you have every scenario to enjoy in this feature packed beauty of a soccer game.

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