Big Head Football


Simple gameplay with great physics in this football online game. When you play Big Head Football you can pick up where you left off last time and enjoy PC gaming fun at its purest! Settle the debate to who is the best goalscorer by going head-to-head with your favourite stars. Jump and kick to get height on the ball and collect power-ups! The obstacles make it so much more complex from the beginning to get the ball to the net. This funny big bobble head soccer guarantees hours of fun.

Simple gameplay with great physics, enjoy pick up and play fun at its purest! Settle the debate to who is the best goalscorer by going head-to-head with your favourite stars. Jump and kick to get height on the ball and collect power-ups!

How to Play Big Head Football 2018

To control this engaging football heads game, use the arrows on your keyboard. You will also need a mouse or trackpad to navigate through the setup of the game.

On the occasion that you’re playing together with a friend at the same time, you will have to use the same keyboard for the controls (one will use the arrows + the P key for kicking and the other one the WASD keys which also form an arrow + the spacebar for kicking).

Big Heads Football Controls:

  • Up arrow – Jump
  • Left arrow – Move left
  • Right arrow – Move right
  • Spacebar – Kick

Big Head Football Instructions

Get started by selecting your favourite player. You have quite a few options there, with the slightly altered from real life football players.

Check out the list of players below and try not to laugh:

  • Wayne Ronney
  • Mario Bibotelli
  • Robin Van Pursie
  • Cristine Ronaldo
  • Karen Benzema
  • Zoltan Ibrahimovic
  • Furnando Torres

Each player has his own attributes (kick, heading, speed and jump), which you can see when you select them.

After selecting the player, you will see the initial group table with wins / draws / losses and of course the points. This will be filled automatically after the end of each match.

Each game lasts 2 minutes, which is double the time from other similar football heads games online.

During the game you will find yourself hitting some “bubbles” with the ball, which offer some extra functionality for the gameplay. They are divided in 3 categories:

The green ones are positive and give you some extra help in order to win the match. These are:

  • Hard Kick
  • Huge Boots
  • Break Opponents Leg
  • Speed Up
  • Big Head
  • High Jump
  • Small Goal

The red ones are the exact of the green and give your opponent more chances to win. They are the following:

  • Weak Kick
  • Tiny Boots
  • Break Your Leg
  • Speed Down
  • Tiny Head
  • Low Jump
  • Big Goal

Last but with no means least, are the yellow ones which are extras related to the actual ball. These can be both to your advantage or disadvantage, depending on the situation you’re in. Here’s a complete list of them:

  • Grenade Ball
  • Stone Ball
  • Multi Ball
  • Chicken Ball
  • Strong Wind
  • Goal Barrier
  • Low Gravity
  • Beach Ball
  • Flip Upside Down
  • Tiny Ball
  • Huge Ball

Big Head Football 2018 Achievements

Unfortunately there are not achievements in this game. Try to score as many goals as you can and beat your opponent with the biggest goal difference!

If you are a more achievements oriented player, why not take a look on another awesome football heads game, the Sports Heads Championship!

Big Head Football Unblocked

Big Head Football is unblocked and free to play unlimited times on Take advantage of the longer lasting matches for your extended pleasure. This game is guaranteed to fill the moments of boredom while you’re in class or during your lunch break at your desk.

Enjoy and score as many goals as possible!

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