Free kick football

Free Kick Football

There’s so much skill involved in the successful execution of a free kick that people who haven’t played soccer at a competitive level find it tough to comprehend. There’s angular momentum of the ball, direction of the wind flow, position of the ball from the goal, position of the wall and goalie and the amount of swing you can generate. Very few players have scored off free kicks consistently – Cristiano Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos and David Beckham are a few names that most people will agree with. All these skills – at least their computer equivalents – will be needed when you take on this cracker of a game Free Kick Football. Moreover, you also have to don the keeper’s gloves and make sure the opponent strikers don’t have much to celebrate. Five chances are all you are going to have. It’s a really addictive game that’s going to keep you at it for hours – if not longer.

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