Penalty World Cup Brazil


The World Cup in Brazil was a huge success. It put soccer again on the sporting map after a brief lull. But if you weren’t a German fan, you must have been more than disappointed. Have you ever desperately wished that things were in your control and you could write the script to an all-important World Cup knock out game the way you please? This shouldn’t remain a mere wish anymore! Try this insanely addictive Penalty World Cup Brazil game to take the matters in your own hands – or feet, so to speak. You will have a series of levels that you will have to unlock one after another with increasingly tougher match situations.

Team after team will try to block your way past the goal line and it’s your job to not let that happen! You can choose to bypass the wall or trick the goalkeeper, beat the jumping defenders or swerve the ball with a banana kick – the choice is all yours. With the godly skills of CR7 and your sharp footballing brain, a win is never too far away. You would know how satisfying it is to see the confetti guns fire after you score! Of course, there will be a few misses every now and then, a few shots flying straight into the wall and some making their way into the stands. But that’s quite okay! You have as many as ten chances to make an impression here. After all, everything seems to be fine when you have CR7 himself on your side, doesn’t it?

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