Soccer manager


Have you ever felt frustrated with the team selected by the manager of your favourite club for an all-important playoff game? Do you clinch your fists in anger when an untimely sub is brought on? Do you feel like shaking the manager up from his slumber for the obvious trick he missed? If yes, then you need something to let out the managerial instincts that you are blessed with. And there’s no better option than Soccer Manager from Mousebreaker. Play 3-4-3 or 3-3-4, use Arshavin in the wings and Aguero in the centre, make Rooney play for City and Gerrard for United, it’s all possible when the world of league football runs on your orders! There are many perks of being in charge. You can even let your anger show by shouting at players in action. Feeling powerful already? Try Soccer Manager right away –it takes less than a minute to put on your managerial air!

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