Soccer Striker


Have you heard of time machines? Of course, you must have. Have you ever travelled back in time? Definitely not. Here’s your chance to do that. The Soccer Striker from Box10 can certainly take you back to the time when games were simpler, controls were few but entertainment factor was much, much higher.

To start with this sweet replica of bygone years of handheld games and Atari units, you need to pick a team of your choice. There are over 25 various international sides that you can choose from. Once that’s done and dusted with, the fictional tournament (yes, it’s named ‘Tournament’ as well!) kicks off in style. Draws are displayed on the screen and you get to see who your opponents are going to be. The game itself has 3 players on each side – and a goalkeeper.

Time flies like a jet and before you can get into the second gear, you will have finished the first half. That’s why, it’s important to stick with it and play out a few warm-up games before you get in the ‘tournament’ groove. There are all of six keys that will help you defend your goal and breach the opponent’s.

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As you beat one team after another, you will rise through the ranks of losers and lift the ‘Tournament’ trophy! Soccer Striker is a 2D wonder, the kind that we all used to be passionate about not too long ago. So, treat yourself to some throwback and enjoy this ridiculously fun game of competitive soccer.

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