Sports Heads Championship

sports heads football championship

Fancy taking on Ronaldo? Think you can go head-to-head with Maradona? Earn points to upgrade your Sports Head! Why not put your skills to the test in Sports Heads Championship and try to out-score the legends of the game. The aim is simple: pick your club and move up the table by scoring and defending your goal! If a shootout with the likes of Pele and co is too daunting, challenge a friend!

Soccer players that want to make a career always try to play for the big teams in the top leagues. When the top teams of Premier League are signing a soccer player – let’s call him Richard – even if he is not a superstar, his value will automatically increase.

If Richard is lucky and is part of a team that wins the League, he has solved the financial part of his career, there always going to be a team to offer him a good contract, as his resume will include that championship.

Winning the Sports Heads Championship might not bring you any money, but it will definitely bring some fun into your day.

How to Play Sports Heads Championship

To control this head soccer game, use the arrows on your keyboard. You will also need a mouse or trackpad to navigate through the setup of the game.

On the occasion that you’re playing together with a friend at the same time, you will have to use the same keyboard for the controls (one will use the arrows and the other one the WASD letters which also form an arrow).

Sports Heads Championship Controls:

  • Up arrow – Jump
  • Left arrow – Move left
  • Right arrow – Move right
  • Spacebar – Kick

Sports Heads Premier League Instructions

The first thing to do is to select your Premier League team. Immediately after that your first match will start, against one of the other Premier League teams.

Team with most goals after 1 minute, wins! However, there can be a draw as well, this is a championship after all and every point counts.

After each match, you will be able to see the results of the other matches and the league table with the usual information: wins, draws, losses, goal difference (in yellow) and obviously the total points accumulated till that moment.

Try to head the ball above your opponent and score as many goals as you can. Be careful of scoring own goals (happens often), while defending or while you are going back to your area.

If you have any soccer heads friends, you can invite for a game as well and you play against each other from your computer. Fair play guys, we are all friends here!

Sports Heads Championship Achievements

Visit the Achievements area to see a list of 17 performance related accomplishments you can try to attain while playing sports head championship soccer. You can see them below:

  • Last Gasp Clearance – Block a shot on the goal line
  • Champion! – Win the Sports Head Championship
  • Tight Defence – Win a match without conceding a goal
  • Have a go Spadge, he’s Off His Line! – Lob your opponent to score from your own half
  • Could Have happened to Anyone – Force your opponent into scoring an own goal
  • Last Second Winner – Score the winning goals with less than 5 seconds to play
  • Great Start! Score within the first 5 seconds of a match
  • Two’s Company – Play a 2 player match
  • Screamer! – Score from the boot less than 3 cm from the goal line
  • Two Sports Heads are Better Than One – Win a header by standing on top of your opponent
  • Come Back King – Come back to win a match from 3 goals behind
  • Naked Ambition – Score a goal when the streaker is in play
  • Flying Volley! – Score a goal by kicking while jumping
  • The Zola! – Score a goal while shrunken
  • It Just About Fits – Score into a shrunken goal
  • Old Big ‘Ead – Score a goal as a giant head
  • Wrong Ball! – Kick a player into their own net

Sports Heads Championship Unblocked

Sports Heads Championship is unblocked and you play it for free in This fascinating online free soccer game will keep you great company in moments of boredom during work, or on a lazy Saturday morning.

Enjoy the game!

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