Sports Heads Voleyball


Volleyball is a sport that requires you to have a clear mind. It also helps you to concentrate on things. The online version of it – Sports Heads Volleyball – is not entirely different, either. As in most cases, you have to get started at the bottom here. You will meet worthy competitors in succession and you have to defeat them all to settle the account once and for all. If you love competition, if the spirit of competing drives you further, this is the game you will want to have a crack at. It’s not really the most difficult game out there by any stretch of imagination. But it does require you to be focussed – something that most of us do struggle with in this digital world. What stands out with Sports Heads Volleyball is that there are no extra features to muddle the your thinking.

The game is extremely blunt and to-the-point, so much so that it takes only two clicks to get the game going. As you beat more players, you will be able to compete against higher ranked players. The controls are fairly easy once you get a feel for them. You have to use arrow keys on your keyboard to move your player forward and backward. You can make your player jump using the ‘up’ arrow key. Pressing the space bar will make the player hit the ball. You can achieve special bonuses and hidden moves when you perform five successful spikes! In short, this is a game that will help you relax while subconsciously lengthening your attention span.

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