Stickman Soccer 2

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Soccer fans and pc flash games enthusiasts around the world are loving Stickman Soccer, one of our peculiar free online soccer games. The graphics and gameplay are of the highest standard making it a superb way to spend some time away from your daily chores, during your commute or even at work when you need a mental break.

If you can place a football like Xavi then you could become a master at this! Use the physics of the ball, power gauge and your stick-man’s boot to shoot the ball and hit the gold stars. As the levels progress you’ll have to find clever ways to manipulate the ball towards the target!

Stickman Soccer: warm the chair, not the bench

Soccer players that are not in the starting 11 but are available to be used during the game are called substitutes. The ones though that are not chosen from their coach / manager to come in the game and replace another player have a special expression assigned to them – they are warming the bench!

You can definitely warm your chair while playing stickman soccer games, because you are going to enjoy yourself and spend a good amount of time, trying to get through the levels all the way to the end.

Stickman Soccer Controls

You can play the game using only your mouse, no arrows needed for this one. Move the mouse up and down in order to find the angle you would like to shoot. Then, left-click and hold to adjust the power level of your shot.

Stickman Soccer Instructions

Target of the stick man soccer unblocked is to hit the yellow stars with the ball. It’s important to aim well and find the optimal angle for your shot. Moreover, you should pay attention to the power adjustment. Every shot is different, hence you will have to adapt your technique accordingly – you will not need full power all the time, but weak shot will not benefit you either. Concentrate and give your best shot!

You need to hit all the star with the first 3 shots. If you don’t make it, you can continue shooting until you you hit them all, however you will have to repeat that specific level. This could be considered as practise.

Keep in mind that there’s a limit of 99 shots, after that you will have to click on “Back” and start from scratch.

There are 20 levels and the difficulty is ascending as you advance to the next level.

Who should play Stick man Soccer Games

Stickman football online has been very popular for quite a few years now, has fans all over the world and the online soccer games aficionados continue to choose it among others.

Stickman Soccer 2014 and Stickman Soccer 2015 were extremely trendy and in demand back in the day.

Having said that, Stickman Soccer 2 is for everyone!

You could be starting now your soccer games career and might struggle in the beginning but you will have fun along the way. It is said that the journey is more important than the destination.

You could be an experienced player who has 3 starts in most levels and is just trying to make a perfect score, by collecting maximum points. That means hitting everything with your first shot – what an accomplishment would that be, right?

Either of those types of player or players that are somewhere in the middle, will enjoy this free online soccer game.

Have fun and good luck!

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