World Cup 2014 Shootout


Penalty shootouts are like a super strong doses of rush that soccer fans and players crave for. Hearts are racing, nerves are being tested and more than a few pulses are throbbing. In such conditions, it’s easy to fall in love with this game. World Cup 2014 Shootout is just such game that has all the drama of a real match shootout without any frills. You get straight to the real action – to the penalty
shootout. To begin with, it should be made clear that this game is based entirely around the World Cup that was held in Brazil in 2014. You have to first pick a team of your choice from over 20 options. Once past that, you will be taken straight to the lots where you can see who you will be pitted against. To make it appear real, the real draws of the World Cup are emulated. Now the real fun begins. The prime striker of your team will have a quite fun one-on-one with the opposition keeper. If you choose England you have to play with Rooney, Dutch fans will try it out with Robben and Argentine ones have no need to look farther than Messi. Use the simplest of controls to bend the kick or send the ball scorching on the turf. The iconic Latin American shout-out of a ‘Goaaaaaaal’ will then be music to your ears. You will have five attempts at beating the goalkeeper and hitting the back of the net. Do it in successions and voila – you will get your country qualified for the next round – all on your own! Isn’t that something you can be really proud of?

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