Zombie Soccer


Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a zombie apocalypse? We all have, haven’t we? Our ideas regarding this are shaped by the Hollywood. Some of us even go as far as preparing emergency survival kits and bunkers to help themselves during such inauspicious outbreaks of blood-thirsty walking skeletons. Apart from the heightened levels of gore and bloodshed, if you ever want to take a fun look at what zombies playing soccer would look like, go no farther than Zombie Soccer. This game is meant only for adults who can handle a sawed off head being rolled around by two scary zombies as a football. If that’s not enough to get your kicks, the chilling background music will do the remaining job of spooking you out. It’s a great find for anyone who has a penchant for scary stuff. And if they happen to be soccer fans, so much the better!

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