Head Basketball – Man, what a fun game!

head basketball cool free game-unlocked

Let’s start by saying that I just spent 30 mins straight playing this game. It’s old but gold and still loads of fun!

Then I googled and it turns out there is also an iOS and Android app of the Head Basketball game which is also good fun. However, I still prefer the PC version as this is much more fun on a larger screen. Played with Chicago vs. Orlando and I kept winning.

In Sports Head Basketball Championship you got 1 min rounds and whoever gets the most points in this timeframe wins the match.

It takes real skill to move up in the league – even on Easy level.

What’s your Head Basketball top score?

sports head basketball best score

I really wonder how many points was the max anyone ever managed to score during a single 1-minute game. Share in the comments section what is your best score? If you can prove it with a screenshot you win a cookie! 🙂

Join the games and get the ball to the hoop with your bubble-headed player. It’s unblocked and easy to play.

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