How To Get The Most Fun Out Of A New Video Game

How To Get The Most Fun Out Of A New Video Game

It wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that video games are humanity’s greatest invention. Forget the Internet, electricity, and everything else; this is it. Video games have been the main source of entertainment and inspiration for millions over the course of many years now. You immerse yourself in one and suddenly nothing else matters, and it’s all about the game and the characters you’re involved with.

There are countless genres and games out there, but they all have the same purpose: keep people entertained and happy, and that they do. The experience is so engrossing, it sometimes affects people’s lives. Still, if used reasonably, video games can keep you entertained for a very long time. Yet, you may not know it, but there are ways to make the most out of your video game and maximize the fun you can have out of it.

Catch up on everything about the game

If you’re getting into a new game, especially if it’s an already established one, you should definitely look up all you can on the game and its lore. You’ll find that it makes a huge difference in how you perceive and enjoy the game. Knowing the backstory is crucial so you could enjoy your experience and it’d make the whole thing quite a lot more interesting for you.

For instance, you can’t go on and play Witcher 3 without at least reading up and watching videos on the first two, if not playing them. If you’re just interested in playing the latest version, at least catch up on whatever storylines were happening with older ones.

Get to know the game across all mediums

arcade gaming

As previously mentioned, getting insight into the backstory of a game makes it much more interesting. So another way to do that is checking out if the game had appearances in other mediums besides video games. Some games are adapted from graphic novels, TV shows, and movies.

It’d add a whole new layer of fun to the experience if you caught up with whatever other media the game was first introduced to. For instance, Batman games often have roots in comic books, so you could go ahead and read that particular comic and even watch an animated series of it. And it’d definitely make the whole gaming experience a lot more fun.


Let’s face it, fun as they are, video games can get quite a bit frustrating at times. The harder the game gets, the more interesting and challenging it is, but the more frustrating it could get as well. A playthrough is an online video of someone going through exactly the same part you’ve been struggling with and telling you how to get past it or what to do in order for your quest to be successful. It’s an important way to capitalize on the fun you could have through a game, by not letting the more challenging parts cloud the overall fun of the game.


The equipment goes a long way in how much you’ll enjoy the video game. The better and more advanced your gear is, the more fun and interesting the video game will be. We live in a time where it doesn’t require being a millionaire to get decent software and hardware, and if you can afford so, then don’t hesitate to do it, because it will make a huge difference. Every small detail from the screen quality to the audio clarity makes a difference in how absorbing and engaging the game could be.

Cheat codes

Sometimes the best way to enjoy the game is using cheat codes. Whether it’s because the game is too damn hard or because the cheat code just gives you hilariously awesome abilities, sometimes the way to have the most fun with a game is using a cheat code, which are always readily available on the internet.

Remember to have fun

You need to remind yourself at the end of the day, you just want to have fun. No matter how competitive it gets, always remember that. Keep things simple and don’t forget to save your progress as you go along in the game, lets you punch a hole through your screen on account of losing progress.

Video games are also most fun when shared with other people, because how fun is anything really if you can’t share it? Whether you’re a 5-year-old kid or a full grown adult, the beauty of video games is they can be shared with and played by pretty much anyone, regardless of any other detail. All you need to do is know how to have fun.

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