Ray Parlour, 10 beers and Wenger’s shouting

Ray Parlour Beer Story

Ray Parlour, a gifted midfielder who played for Arsenal for 14 years, recently shared a very interesting and funny story.

Here’s a story he shared between him and Arsene Wenger, the legendary Arsenal coach.

It was May 2002 and we came back from the final of the Cup. On the plane I ordered a beer, but Wenger told me: “No alcohol. We have a dificcult match ahead against (Manchester) United in a couple of days.”

Shortly afterwards, I decided to change my seat and went to the back where my family was, hoping I could drink something there, but Wenger followed me shouting, “If I see you drink, you’ll be heavily fined.”

When we landed, we went with my lads in a restaurant to grab a bite. The place was full of Arsenal fans from Arsenal who kept buying me champagne. As if that were not enough, the next day my brothers had organised a party at a pub. I went to say hello but before I figured out I had drunk 10 pints and ended up sleeping on a bloody able.

I did not say anything to Wenger, we went to Old Trafford, we won and I did such a good match that I was voted for Mhan of The Matc.

Entering the changing rooms, Wenger called me. I was afraid he had figured everything out, and I was about to get verbally spanked.

Instead, he told me: “You were fantastic today. And you know why, eh? Because I didn’t let you have that beer on the plane!”


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