Ross Barkley Transfer Cost Chelsea £7M Just for Agent Fees


The Blues were able to get a price-cut deal from Everton after the Englishman’s supposed transfer was delayed. Though there is no official reason as to why this happened, it’s said that it might be due to the injury he recently sustained during those times.

Chelsea was supposed to pay a whopping £35 million. But then, this decreased to only £15 million due to the reason above.

However, the £15 million fee didn’t all go to Everton. In fact, it’s reported that around half of it went only to the agent. That is £7 million. This is a big shocker for everyone, Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson including.

Because of this, Anderson called out an investigation to push through. He thinks that there might be some fraud that took place which resulted in the delayed transfer to Chelsea.

Anderson says that Everton missed a lot of opportunities to benefit from the transfer deal. He went on saying that it might also be a deliberate action to decrease the value of the transfer deal so that the player, buying club, and especially the agent can benefit from it.

But as of now, this complaint isn’t official. It’s just literally a letter coming from a concerned football fan that is Mr. Anderson.

Nonetheless, Ross Barkley seems to be a pretty good addition to the team knowing that he’s got the skills to make effective long shots, key passes, finishing, and dribbling. He’s style-of-play will also compliment the team pretty well as he likes to cut inside and he’s hesitant to dive into tackles.

Speaking of the betting game, it’s also very clear that Barkley will help Chelsea’s winning odds to increase further. The Blues currently have 50/1 odds as they rank third in the Premier League’s standings.

They’re hastily catching up with Man City and Man United’s respective 1/100 and 70/1 odds. However, Liverpool’s also doing their best to overtake Chelsea as they now have 70/1 odds.

Tottenham Hotspur has 125/1 odds while Arsenal is now down to the 6th spot with 250/1 odds. Burnley takes the 7th spot with an underdog 2500/1, the same as Leicester City, Everton, and Watford. Now is the best time to bet for Chelsea because of the momentum that’s slowly brewing within the players. Plus this transfer deal happened, which adds more fiery touch to Conte’s side. But before betting, it’d be wise to first click here for more eSports info and betting tips. This way, you’ll have a better understanding of which team or why you’re going to bet.

For now, Ross Barkley is unable to play due to his injury. However, Antonio Conte is confident that he’ll be able to call on this newcomer to help them achieve their goal of Premier League dominance soon.

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