Simple tips to make your game more beautiful and stylish


Soccer is not just a game of talent. You need to put in a lot of hard work in order to actually achieve something. For most of us who play soccer for many reasons besides making a career out of it – staying fit, having fun, spending time with mates – a little touch of style and beauty will take your game from okay to great and from meh to wow!
We are going to learn 5 tips from 5 masters of the beautiful game.

1. The simplest of them all – having fun


The most important thing you must remember is that you can’t play a beautiful game unless you are having a lot of fun!
That brings us to our favourite fun player – Ronaldinho!
What you can learn from the O Rei is that you don’t need to curb your instincts just to score goals. You are – most of the times – allowed to express yourself on the field – in success and failure alike!
So, shrug off the burdens, go out and have fun – your game will suddenly look far more natural and stylish!

2. There’s no place for rage!


Soccer is often played with great competitive spirit –even on local levels. But there’s no place for anger and rage in soccer. Once you get angry, you are going to stop having fun – and of course lose the touch of class from your game. We don’t want that to happen now, do we?!
Even a superstar like Zidane has had to miss out on a number of fans because of THIS:

BAM! Don’t do this! (
BAM! Don’t do this! (

3. Dribble, dribble and dribble

Nothing makes a player appear more stylish that some extra-ordinary dribbling skills. If you know what it takes to fool a defender with a sidewise dribble, flabbergast the next one with a cheeky shot through his legs and then chip one over the embarrassed jumping goalie, you, sir, are already on your way to being a stylish player that people would pay money to watch!


When it comes to dribbling, who better to turn to than the master Leo Messi himself? So, when you train next, make it a point to dedicate some time to dribbling sessions.

4. Use brain power – not muscle power

Players who possess beautiful game have one thing in common. They make it look all too easy. They are not only effortless, they are graceful, as well. So, try to use your head along with your limbs – because, what cooks up there is far more potent than you would ever care to think!


This makes us think of Italian great Pirlo and his penalties that would feather their way to the back of the net!

5. Play hard – but play fair


It’s not rocket science. If you don’t play fair, nobody is going to call your game beautiful even if you are second to none. Many argue that playing fair is sacrificial to the team’s cause. But that’s utterly wrong.
If football stars and legends strive hard to play fair, why can’t we all?
So, next time you take the field, say no to diving, say no to elbowing and say a big NO to claiming false set plays!

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