Soccer Games for Kids

Children online soccer games

Winter is coming and soon the Saturday soccer practise will be postponed more often than not. Check out our list of soccer games for kids to keep them occupied with their favourite sport, instead of watching TV. Don’t miss out on these amazing free online games, which are both fun and challenging.

Soccer Games for Kids to Spend Some Leisure Time

Take a break from doing your homework and challenge your brain with a different online activity.

stickman soccer

Stickman is one of our favourites. Use the thin character to send the soccer ball towards the targets (stars). Apply your physics knowledge and learn to use the angle to your advantage.

Play Stickman Soccer 2 now!

Soccer Games for Kids 4x4 Soccer

4×4 Soccer is super fun and all children love it. It combines playing soccer, while driving big SUVs. Challenge your dad or your mum to one of these games, they will love it and there will be something to talk about during family dinner.

Play 4×4 Soccer now!

More Soccer Games Children Love

Soccer Games for Kids Soccer Pro

Soccer Pro is all about avoiding the defenders who are coming right at you with the sole intention to tackle you and put you down. All you have to do it avoid them. HINT: Let go of the player to use the slow motion “moving in the matrix” mode to plan your next move.

Play Soccer Pro now!

Soccer Stars has an awesome table-top style gameplay and great physics, it is easy to pick up and fun to play! Plan your strategy in order to beat your opponents. Parents love this game as well, it reminds them of their non-digital youth.

Play Soccer Stars on your mobile now!

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