This is why many people HATE football


What happened to football players during the last decade? Why dive? What’s with the overstretching egos and pretentious acting?

soccer player pretending injury
“Call the ER unit! Make sure that ear is put on ice so it can be reattached!”

Don’t these football players feel pathetic? After all, these are men – many of them millionaires – are successful so-called sportsman, still, they don’t hesitate to throw an act like an entitled little sissy girl pretending to be hurt? Then 20 seconds later they are up and running like nothing happened.

Let’s hope they are intelligent enough that there are cameras around them right? Like from a 1000 angles… Slow motion playback features. If this is for the referee – well news flash guy – he DOES NOT care for it.

Sergio Busquets Peekaboo pretend fake pathetic
Sergio Busquets infamous peekaboo performance

All you sissy football players who dive… the only thing can achieve with this type of behavior is the resent of the public. Just play the game fellas. If you fall, get up and keep going. If you are ACTUALLY hurt, take it like a MAN. Don’t roll around in fake pain like you hit your toe on the coffee table.

funny football dive
What a blow in the face! Surely it wasn’t his fault…

Check out a “tribute” video above. These “soccer heroes” from Ozzy Man will make you cringe. Guaranteed.

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