Top 2019 offline soccer games for Android

offline soccer games

We are living in a technological era where a lot of things that would be accessed at the high streets in the past, are now readily available. The video games industry has gained traction and has boomed in the past years. We are in the age where without an Xbox or a PlayStation, you can still access some of your favorite games through your phones. After a successful download, whether from the Apple Store for iOS users or Google Play Store for Android users, you will be ready to go. Compatibility is key to all the games. You can check to view a variety of thrilling leagues, tournaments, events, and competitions that you can play.

The catch comes in when you can access the games without the internet. This lowers the cost and at the same time becomes convenient for many players. The gaming world is evolving and the games been released have been a clear simulation of what we expect in the real world. FIFA is one game that has seen clear simulation with players having an avenue to access various leagues including the premier league. What’s interesting is that they can create their teams, manage the teams and play against each other. However, in the FIFA game, you will need a good internet connection which limits offline play. However, some soccer games are accessible while offline on Android phones including;

Dream League Soccer 2019

Dream League Soccer 2019
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Arguably the most downloaded and most popular offline soccer game available. It stands out for its top-notch theme, graphics, sounds, and colors. It offers impressive customizable features with players able to manage teams, buy and sell players, upgrade the stadium, change game’s formation, attend training sessions, customize jerseys, and also play friendly matches. There are various divisions you will play as you climb to the top-most division, the Elite Division. Various trophies can be won including; All-Stars Cup, Global Challenge Cup, and so on.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Also referred to as PES, this is another popular soccer game and highly competes with FIFA whether on mobile, PC, Consoles or PlayStations. Developed by Konami, PES has offered an offline edition to Android users with the game standing out for high-quality graphics, intuitive gameplay, and top-class design. The game allows features in tournaments such as the Champions League and World Cup. With more than 10,000 players available, customizing your team becomes great!

Real Football 2019

Among the oldest football games in the market and stands out majorly for its size which is minimal as compared to the rest of the games and it’s smooth running on phones. The graphics here, however, are not the best in comparison to the likes of DSL and PES. Another limitation is that the game is limited to national team plays but that notwithstanding, you can play against some of the highly-rated countries like Germany and Brazil.

Score Hero!

A release of First Touch Games, Score Hero is another popular game among Android users. The game allows you to control the action with 680 different levels offered. Score Hero boasts of stunning graphics and animations and what’s more, you can connect the game to your Facebook account and invite friends to play against each other. Its artificial intelligence is tailored to adapt to your passes and shots making it a must-play game!

Top Eleven Manager

Last but not least, is the Top Eleven Manager game which is completely different from many soccer games offered to players. You will assume the role of a manager carrying all managerial responsibilities in your club. Your only job will be setting up the team, organizing the formations, and selecting your trusted and favorite players. The game limits you from having a direct impact on the final score!

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