Top 5 Shocking Goalie Fails in Soccer


Being a goalkeeper is a thankless job. Most of the times, you are out of the active play. But when you are in the play, it’s pressure!

A goalie can perform one hundred brilliant saves, but one – just one – slip up is enough to define his career.

Here are top 5 shocking fails from goalkeepers around the world. Even though, these are not exclusively from the highest levels of competitive football, they are still shocking enough to make you go ‘what on earth…’


1.  Self-destructing in 3,2,1….

goalie 1

Goalkeepers are supposed to SAVE the goals, right?

They should have it easier when their team has the possession, right?

They should look to simply pass the ball when the defender gently sends it rolling towards them, right?

Apparently, this goalkeeper does not agree with us one bit!


2. He saved a penalty…or, did he?

goalie 2

Stopping a goal bound shot isn’t enough. You need to stop it like you mean it. Otherwise, just like this unfortunate Moroccan keeper, nobody can stop you from being a laughing stock.


3. Catch it if you can!

goalie 3

This guy has our sympathies. But hey, if you stop a shot and still, somehow, can’t stop yourself from scoring one of the finest own goals, you are going to end up on many dubious lists!

This just leaves us wondering what may have happened in the changing room after the game was over.


4. All Hail Sir Green

goalie 4

Robert Green was never the first choice goalie for England in the 2010 World Cup. Somehow, he ended up defending the English net against otherwise arch-rivals USA. The match was supposed to be a walkover for the Brits, but then Sir Green had his life-defining moment of madness.

The rest, as they say, is history!


5. Passing to the opposition striker: NOT a good idea

goalie 5

There comes a moment in our lives when we need to introspect and reflect on our priorities. David James had such a moment of enlightenment on the field. He was well in control of the ball and then, suddenly, his priorities deserted him. He passed the ball straight to the opposition striker (the only player in a 10 yard radius).

It goes without saying that he was dropped for the next game.

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