Who will lose the most if the EPL season gets canceled?

EPL Season Cancellation

EPL Season Cancellation

Recent weeks haven’t been the best times for soccer fans. Since the whole league has stopped, and the UEFA Euro championship has been postponed until next year, we are living in fear of what the future might bring. If the current situation continues, the English Premier League competitions will face a harsh reality of cancelation. Who will be the biggest victim of those unfortunate circumstances?

It should be evident that statistics play a big part in soccer. Generally, sports rely largely on big data, which gives us a better insight and a valuable perspective. To be able to wrap one’s mind around soccer competitions and sift through many factors involved could be overwhelming at times. Just take a look at English Premier League this season. Even without any complications, it would not have been easy to figure out the final outcomes. With so many pretenders to secure Champions League spot still in the game and a possible ban for Manchester City that makes the fight even more thrilling – we could be looking at something spectacular. Not necessarily in the right way.

The side that won’t be thrilled if the current results are invalidated, to say the least, is undoubtedly Liverpool FC. They have every right to be a little gloomy at the moment, and the future may bring even darker scenarios. Not only they’ve been struggling in the EPL, but they also had been eliminated by Atletico in the Champions League. But, of course, that doesn’t undo all the amazing things they have accomplished so far under the resilient Jurgen Klopp. They won Champions League last season and made Manchester City run for their money in a staggering clash for the league title, coming just one point short with a record-breaking 97 points for the second place in history. And now, they dominated domestic competitions.

Accumulating 82 out of 89 possible points has to inspire respect. Being in this position, Liverpool was not only on a verge to become champions, but possibly well on their way to the best campaign ever. It wouldn’t be particularly fair to cancel other leagues where the teams are closer together or appoint the winner based on current results, but not to award Liverpool their fully-deserved glory will be a massive injustice. Wayne Rooney, who used to play for Everton, also believes it to be accurate by admitting that the Merseyside team deserves to get the title. Undoubtedly, the whole soccer world has to agree with him.


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