Will Manchester City Win The Champions League?

Manchester City to win premier league?

Chelsea may possess the title of the greatest football team in the world after securing victory in the FIFA Club World Cup, but by quality alone, breaking betting news in Asia have determined that no other club deserves it more than Manchester City.

The side of Pep Guardiola offered key talent that won a comprehensive away match against Sporting Lisbon that ended in 5-0 to seal its place in the Champions League quarter-finals with a remaining second leg. This trophy has proven elusive for Manchester City thus far, but irrespective of their ability to achieve glory, there is enough evidence on behalf of breaking betting news in Asia to suggest they are the world’s best team.

City managed to take the lead just 7 minutes in the fight against Sporting after Riyad Mahrez found the net. Bernardo Silva managed to add a brace with, Phil Foden able to score in between to land at 4-0 by breakpoint. Raheem Sterling sealed the deal with a spectacular strike in the second half.

Who Can Stand Up To Manchester City?

When defending champions of the Premier League like Manchester City have won 12 consecutive matches in the season with a total shakedown each time, who is able to stand up to their team? According to Pep Guardiola, there are, in fact, some contenders.

Liverpool stood as their greatest rival in the previous season, always there, and a consistent point of aggravation. In Europe, PSG showed them playing well against Real Madrid. Guardiola does not believe that his team will be successful without consistency throughout the entire league. Furthermore, he does not have faith that they will perform better than the Champions League’s last season. However, he has stated that the smallest difference in a result for the next game can change everything.

Manchester City Has Shown No Sign Of Weakness

The majority of teams have at least a single area in which there is a substantial, obvious need for improvement. Yet, analysts have failed to find this to be the case for City. Guardiola has succeeded in constructing a team with strength on all fronts. In the past, his critics pointed out that the team lacked options for a center forward, but City managed to score at will.

City’s utilization of false nine, along with constant movement and interchange in its attack, has made it extremely difficult to pose a defense against, with players on the opposition frequently dragged out of their position. The men of Guardiola have managed to score nearly 100 goals across every competition in the season. Therefore, there is not a single reason to operate under the belief that the rate will decrease any time soon.

A key strength in City’s attack lies with the positioning of the different players. Every member of the team is used to the system to the point that they can seamlessly switch around with ease. For instance, when faced up with Sporting, John Stones went from center-back to right-back and performed extremely well on the pitch.

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