World Cup 2022: In Iran – instead of Qatar – will be the base of several teams!

World Cup 2022 Qatar Iran

The 2022 World Cup organising committee, to be held in Qatar, is geared to making Iran a base of some national groups in a move with a strong diplomatic and political character.

Four more years remain for the 2022 World Cup, to be held in Qatar from November 21 to December 18. Processes, however, are well held.

As the head of the World Cultural Organisation, Hassan Al-Tawadi, has admitted, Qatar intends to use Iran as a base for some of the participating national teams.

But why should Qatar do this? There is a strong diplomatic and political background behind the decision, which is of a contributory nature. Iran has been providing assistance to Qatar with regard to the energy exclusion suffered by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE and Egypt.

“It’s part of our business plan, we’ll see it in consultation with FIFA,” said Al-Tawadi.

At the same time, it remains open to being the first World Cup with 48 teams.

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