The ultimate collection of the worst soccer dives

Neymar is one of the most famous soccer diver player ever

Watch our epic MEGA collection of the worst and funniest soccer player dives. Some will make you laugh and some will definitely make you cringe.

Dives are not the most gracious parts of soccer but they are super-entertaining to watch. Often you will see some of the biggest soccer legends go for these moves.

Some might argue that not only a red card but suspension should be utilized as a standard penalty for this type of “fake” move. Others say if the dive was obvious, a monetary penalty should be even paid. Divers make the whole sport a laughing matter and the football players make the news for the wrong reasons.

Check out our massive playlist of some of the best soccer dives in history:

Red cards for dives

There has been no shortage of red cards given for fake dives too. It’s actually quite satisfying to see a diver getting a red card, so without any further ado, see some of them the action here:

If that wasn’t enough yet, let the list of crazy soccer dive videos continue:

Without a doubt Neymar is one of the most well-known divers in football’s history, watch a compilation of his “best” fall overs here:

Some would say Cristiano Ronaldo is also on top of the list:

So who do you think is the biggest diver in soccer?

Here’s our top 7 list…

if we were to do an Olympics of football best divers who do you think would win? Well here are the best contenders for the gold medal and the first contender is…

  1. Argen Robin: Robin is famous for having one move but if you really watch football you know he has two moves cutting in on his left foot and diving just ask Mexico at the world cup in brazil 2014 in fact robin’s technique is so good he probably doesn’t even need to get a skydiving license
  2. Danny Alves: what you are waiting for another Brazilian Danny Alves is known to roll on the ground a bit he’s an exceptional player in attack and defense but he dives a lot in the box out of the box on the wing in the middle of the pitch probably even in the shallow end of the pool you know what I mean dive into devon you just can’t stop Danny
  3. Sergio Busquets: Busquets is a special kind of diver. He’s become famous for his trademark move and it goes something like this: he falls on the ground and roll around holding his face then peek through his fingers to see if the referee has given the opponent a yellow card. Uhhh, has he given the card yet…? cool, you can stand up and get back to playing now.
  4. Cristiano Ronaldo: okay look, CR dives way less nowadays than earlier in his career because in the past he used to dribble a lot, and like Neymar he would get kicked a lot. But these days Ronaldo doesn’t need to dive because he can jump so high that no one can even foul him.
  5. Luis Suarez: another player to have played at FC Barcelona on this list. Are we noticing a pattern here? Hmm, look Suarez would give anything to score a goal. He’ll even bite his opponents like some beef jerky but Suarez is also known to go to the floor pretty easily. In fact, even when he bit Giorgio Chiellini in the 2014 World Cup match he still rolled on the ground holding his teeth. How dare Chiellini hurt his front teeth like that lol, who does he think he is, some kind of dentist?
  6. Wilfried Zaza: is super silky on the pitch but he’s also gotten the most yellow cards for diving of any player since the start of the 2015-2016 season. It’s only four yellow cards but that’s still pretty significant because getting booked for diving is a really really-really rare number.
  7. Neymar: of course, you knew we’d be coming to him it’s become such a meme that even Neymar thinks it’s funny sometimes. But a lot of people forget Neymar spends so much time on the floor because he gets kicked a lot. In 2014 a Colombian player broke his back. That’s got to not only hurt physically but mentally. So much so, that any contact will make a player like Neymar want to avoid being kicked and you might say, well why doesn’t he just pass the ball? Because Neymar is a special player with special skills. Shouldn’t he deserve the same protection as everybody else on the pitch? Professional football can be very aggressive.

Nobody likes cheating or play-acting but sometimes let’s be honest going to the ground can protect you from dangerous defenders. So, according to you, who would be on the podium of the winners of the top divers in soccer history competition? Have we forgotten the ultimate diver? Let us know in the comments below.

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