Kick off online slot

There is some good news for soccer fans who enjoy slot machines too, as a new soccer-themed release has hit the scene. Kickoff is an online game that manages to combine the thrill of the beautiful game with the thrill of casino action.

Wazdan developed Kickoff and it looks like it could provide slot players with the engaging football-centric experience they were looking for. Can Kickoff really live up to the hype? Let’s find out if we do!

Kickoff Features

This game uses penalty shootouts as the most impressive way to determine a winner. Do your math as the result of your shots is your winning combination! And don’t forget to check out the bonus matrix on the right side of the screen.

Of course, we’ve seen a lot of soccer-themed games before, but this one definitely stands out from the rest because of the way it makes its winning combinations. Three handsome players hit the goal: the numbers on these three balls form the lucky sequence.

There are seven regular balls, the one with the number 7 being the highest paying of the lot. The value of balls is reduced by their numbers, so the ball with the number 1 is the lowest paying item on a pay table.

In addition to the normal balls, there is an extravagant Wild ball that can substitute for all the other symbols except for the unique golden ball which, in turn, is a very valuable detail throughout the plot.

Special features

It’s hard to expect a large number of extras when it comes to unpretentious gameplay and just one pay line. However, Wazdan did not want to leave this space without any additional emotion.

So here comes the golden ball and it brings the special function. Any appearance of this symbol on the screen will change the ball on the bonus matrix table to Gold one. Once you collect the three golden balls on the bottom line of the bonus matrix table, the player receives a horizontal bonus and all the balls go down one level.

In the case, the payer has managed to collect 5 gold balls vertically, he will receive a vertical bonus, and the balls will similarly descend. Hitting all three gold balls will result in a winning table prize without any bonuses.

This game also includes a Gamble feature that allows players to double their prizes. In general, the goal is to correctly guess the color of a playing card.

In Summary

After all, Kickoff is one of the best soccer themed online casino slot machines we’ve ever played. A fun game that can combine sports and slots so perfectly. If you are looking for a casino slot machine that offers great playability then you should give Kick off a try.

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